Alan Wake Obtaining All Collectibles Guide

Alan Wake Obtaining All Collectibles Guide 1 -
Alan Wake Obtaining All Collectibles Guide 1 -

This is a guide for all the collectables in the game. This includes can pyramids, radios, TV’s, signs, supply chests, Manuscript pages (including the ones in nightmare) and coffee thermoses.


Episode 1

Coffee Thermos #1 – At the collapsed bridge before meeting the hatchet Taken.

Can Pyramid #1 – Near the revolver tutorial and first ammunition box.

Coffee Thermos #2 – At the bunker where you get the flaregun.

Coffee Thermos #3 – When you’re chased by the tornado, there is a thermos near the lighthouse’s entrance. Stay on the rightside of the walkway and you should see it before you end the stage.

Coffee Thermos #4 – In the diner beside the toilets where you try to locate Carl Stucky.

Coffee Thermos #5 – Once you gain control of Alan you’ll need to backtrack up the path to where they parked the ca. It’ll be near the front of where the car is parked.

Radio #1 – On the cabin’s back porch just before the stairs leading down to the lake.

Coffee Thermos #6 – Inside the cabin’s kitchen

Manuscript 1 & 2 – You’ll get both of these automatically after a cutscene.

Nightmare Manuscript #1 – Before you hop the fence entering to meet Carl Stucky (and get the flashlight), the manuscript will be off to the left on a fallen tree by the fence.

Coffee Thermos #7 – In the lumber yard find the pick-up truck where you’ll find it hidden behind the truck..

Manuscript #3 – From where the thermos was turn back around and go back. Pass the pallets and on your left you’ll find the next page.

Supply Chest #1– After exiting the bungalow at lumber yard, locate the logging truck in the yard. At the back of the truck turn right to a dead end where you’ll find the chest.

Manuscript #4 – Before going past the sparking wire near the crane turn around and go to the old tractor and shed in the opposite direction. You’ll find it to the right on a wall.

Coffee Thermos #8 – After the vision and the lumber yard. Take an immediate left after jumping off a giant log. You’ll find the thermos sitting on a rock.

Manuscript #5 – Go in the opposite direction and, after going across a couple of log bridges, you’ll find the page on a matress.

Nightmare Manuscript #2 – While crossing the river from the first lumber yard to the second lumber yard, you’ll find it on the rocky weir/bridge by some spilled supplies you pass.

Supply Chest #2 – Upon entering the lumber collection yard, to the left is a ladder. Go up it and follow the path up to a bungalow. Inside you’ll find the chest.

Coffee Thermos #9 – At the lumber collection yard you’ll sind couple of large stacks of logs, one of them having a ladder and a tractor next to it. Go between them and to the right you’ll find the thermos.

Manuscript #6 – When you go to one of the generators there’ll be a tool shack next to it. Go inside and you’ll find it on the table in front of you.

Supply Chest #3 – Once you get across a bridge In the lumber collection yard take a left. Then check the shack near the broken pick-up truck.

Radio #2 – Not far off from that area you’ll find a lightpole with a shack next to it. Go inside to find the radio.

Can Pyramid #2 – From the lightpole, on the way down, you’ll find some broken stairs. Next to the you’ll find the cans.

Manuscript #7 – Head away from the lightpole towards the objective. At the two wrecked polesticks, there is a page on the ground.

Coffee Thermos #10 – Continue down the path. Stay on the right cliff edge to locate this item. You’ll also have a nice view of the gas station.

Manuscript #8– Reach the upper level’s safe haven. Then explore the left side, while following the cliff wall.. While going towards the objective light tower you’ll find it on the ground.

Coffee Thermos #11 – Reach the next safe haven, then explore the cliffside. There here should be a bottle near a red striped barrel by the cliffside.

Supply Chest #4 – You”ll drop to a new zone towards the objective When you see the haunted truck take a left. Once you reach the dead end take a right to find the chest.

TV #1 – Before going through the security gate to the next area there’ll be a shack. Go inside to find the TV.

Manuscript #9 – Leave the shack that you found the TV in and before you go through the security gate you’ll find the page on the ground in front of it.

Coffee Thermos #12 – During your battle Stucky, check the crane in the area.

Manuscript 10 – At the reindeer float at the gas station past the upper lumber yard.

Coffee Thermos #13 – At the gas station of towards the front of the building there’ll a price sign. The thermos will be next to it.

Coffee Thermos #14 – Next to the gas station in front of a truck that is blocking the road.

Nightmare Manuscript #3 – Upon reaching the gas station, check around the back where its restrooms are. You’ll find the manuscript on a bathroom door.

TV #2 – Head inside the gas station. This item is automatically retrieved.

Sign #1 – Head further inside and you’ll find a flyer about the Deerfest on the liquor store’s endcap.

Episode 2

Coffee Thermos #15 – The wife’s studio.

Manuscript 11 & 12 – In Wake’s study. The second one may be added automatically.

Sign #2 – Wanted Posters in the police station hallway.

Coffee Thermos #16 – In the police station, check the radio room (the hallway that doesn’t go to Sheriff Sarah)

Manuscript #13 – In the same room you’ll see it laying on the floor.

Manuscript #14 – In one of the jail cells in the police station.

Radio #3 – Police station backlot’s shipping dock.

Coffee Thermos #17 – Next to the radio in the backlot

Manuscript #15 – Grassy yard behind the police station, near the objective car wreck.

TV #3 – On the way back from picking up Alice’s personal effects. This is collected automatically.

Sign #3 – Mastodon skeleton in the visitor’s center.

Coffee Thermos #18 – The rangers’ station/visitor’s center on the kitchen counter.

Coffee Thermos #19 – While at the Lover’s Peak cabin with Barry, check the kitchen.

Coffee Thermos #20 – Check the cabin exterior with the back hottub/spa.

Manuscript #16 – Go down the stairs by the cabin and you’ll find the manuscript by the car.

Radio #4 – Check inside the second cabin on the trail.

TV #4 – Inside the third cabin on the trail.

Manuscript #17 – Right past the third cabin there is an empty gazeebo on the hill where you’ll find the manuscript.

Manuscript #18 – Right before the ambush there is a crashed SUV where you’ll find the manuscript inside.

Coffee Thermos #21 – At the Lover’s Peak visitor station, ignore Rusty when you enter the cabin plaza. Turn right and check near a lone tree.

Manuscript #19 – Near one of the visitor center buildings back at the ranger’s office. It’s between the stairs and a fallen tree on a rock wall.

Coffee Thermos #22 – Inside the shed near the crashed SUV at the visitor center.

Manuscript #20 – Inside the ranger office, after checking on Ranger Rusty.

Manuscript #21 – Table near the lightsource at the bottom of the stairs from the ranger station boss fight.

Sign #4 – On your way to Lover’s Peak after crossing a bridge head to the right where you’ll find a cave. Follow the path in the cave to the sign.

Supply Chest #5 – Go further into the cave where the sign was.

Manuscript 22– Cross another bridge and take the right path to a couple of picnic tables.

Sign #5 – Past the upgraded hatchetman, run past the Lovers Peak sign to a large tree with a hole in the base.

Manuscript #23 – When you cross another pridge to the right there’ll be cross over a a generator near a lightpole and on the left an emergency supplies box. Just run forward from the bridge and you’ll find it not far away.

Coffee Thermos #23 – From the manuscript page turn right and go to the fence. You’ll notice that apart of the fence is broken. Jump over it to find the thermos.

Coffee Thermos #24 – At the lightpole at Lover’s Peak trolley entrance, go right to giant, swinging tree trunk slice. You’ll see the thermos sitting on a table

Sign #6 – In the same area as the thermos next to the giant tree ring.

Manuscript #24 – Lover’s Peak trolley entrance. Just past the barricade.

Coffee Thermos #25 – Just before the entrance with the heart there is a map next to it. Check behind it for the thermos.

Manuscript #25 – After defending the viewing platform. You’ll find it in the starting area.

Supply Chest #6 – From where you picked up the manuscript go back to where you fell. Follow the path to a cave with a chest.

Manuscript #26 – Locate the cliffside in the trap filled forest that faces the lit cabin in the distance. It’ll be right on the edge of the cliff by a fallen tree.

Can Pyramid #3 – To the right of the manuscript you can find can pyramid.

Coffee Thermos #26 – In the second section of forest, after the bear traps, there is a generator-lightpole. Next to this is a shed with the thermos inside.

Manuscript #27 – In the other shed in the same area you’ll find the manuscript.

Supply Chest #7 – At the plane wreck, go under the big wing and go past a couple of broken parts of the plane. To your left you’ll notice another, smaller wing fall down. Go onto it and cross it to find the chest.

Coffee Thermos #27 – Past the plane wreck, there is a second generator-lightpole. From there, locate the cliff edge, towards the woods’ exit. There you’ll find the thermos on the rocky point of the cliff.

Manuscript #28 – Half-way up the mill, you’ll find a small drop leading to a door into the granary. Check the balcony of the granary room.

Manuscript #29 – Go further up into the granary room where you’ll find a weight you’ll need to interact with.

Coffee Thermos #28 – In the next room over from the manuscript there is a thermos hidden in the corner.

Manuscript #30 – At the top of the mill, you’ll find a crate with the words ‘The Darkness Wears Her Face’. Go to the building next to it and climb the boxes inside where you’ll find the manuscript behind them.

Coffee Thermos #29– Before you go into the campgrounds with the caravans go to the right where there is a picnic table.

Manuscript #31– Inside the campground’s bathroom.

TV #5– Campground bathroom/shower, after picking up the garage key. This will happen automatically.

Coffee Thermos #30 – Drive the car out of the campground, make a right on the main road. You’ll find the thermos at the dead end.

Supply Chest #8 – Pass the alarmed car and come across a logging truck. Go right to a cabin for a chest.

Can Pyramid #4– Past the logger truck, turn left off-road to safety light. Cans are on picnic table in safe zone.

Coffee Thermos #31 – Cross the small bridge towards the motor tunnel entrance. There is a rest area to the side of the road to the left of the tunnel.

Manuscript #32 – Head toward the tunnel from the rest area and you’ll find it inside.

Nightmare Manuscript #4 – In the middle of the road as Wake nears the cabin Barry is trapped in.

Supply Chest #9 – Back at the cabin, make a left at the corner behind the cabin where you’ll find the chest.

Episode 3 (Part 1)

Coffee Thermos #32 – At the trailer park, while following Randolf, locate a tipped over boat. Off to the right on a picnic table you’ll find the thermos.

TV #6 – In Rose’s Misery-type trailer. You’ll get this one automatically.

Coffee Thermos #33 – From the TV go into the next room and you’ll find the thermos on the counter.

Manuscript #33 – Immediately outside Rose’s trailer.

Radio #5 – At the trailer park, on the way to Barry’s car. Check the bungalow next to the boat wreck. The stairs leading up to the entrance has a radio.

Manuscript #34 – During police chase, you’ll make a small drop and get a checkpoint. You’ll find it on the path on your left, sitting on a log.

Manuscript #35 – Towards the end of the police chase, after a cutscene with a police car getting flipped, go right and check the dead end.

Coffee Thermos #34 – During the police chase, locate the watchtower after the chopper crash event. Inside the ranger tower is the thermos, next to a transmitter.

Coffee Thermos #35 – Near the searchlight generator shack. On the path you’ll find a pallet go to the right of it. In that area you’ll find the thermos sitting on a rock.

Radio #6 – After taking the flashbangs from the police wreck, there is a radio at the next safe zone lightpole.

Manuscript #36 – From that area you’ll cross over a small bridge. Go immediately to the right and you’ll find the manuscript on the ledge.

Supply Chest #10 – After radio station cliff dive and escaping the police, After crossing a wooden bridge past a lightpole (safe zone) hug the valley’s right rock wall and a collapsed mine shaft will appear. The chest is inside.

Coffee Thermos #36 – Before going into the radio station the thermos will be next to the white car.

Radio #7 – At the radio station. You’ll get this one automatically.

Manuscript #37 – After the cutscene of falling off the cliff follow the path down and you’ll find the manuscript page on the fence

Manuscript #38 – After starting the generator for the safe zone by the junk truck, the path will fork. Follow the path to the right up a long hill, eventually leading to a radio tower. The manuscript will be inside.

Coffee Thermos #37 – As you’re coming back down from collecting the manuscript page there’ll be a level area below the transmission tower The cliff is overlooking a white building on the valley below. This is where you’ll find the thermos.

Can Pyramid #5 – You’ll will reach a series of shacks with a light generator. One of them has some stacked cans inside.

Manuscript #39 – From that same area go right from the light generator and you’ll find the manuscript on a gate.

Coffee Thermos #38 – Heading down the path a bit, towards the trainyard, more you’ll find another shack to the right with the thermos in it.

Manuscript #40 – After passing by the shacks you will find this item on the side of the path sitting on a rock. This is right before reaching the lightpole overlooking the traintracks.

Manuscript #41 – After getting the call from Alice, there is a tree stump with the manuscript on it where the path forks.

Supply Chest #11 – From that same area take the left fork. This will lead to the chest.

Nightmare Manuscript #5 – After passing under the bridge, you’ll want to take a right at the fence surrounding the water tower. You’ll find the manuscript sitting on a stump.

Manuscript #42 – From that exact spot turn around and go in the opposite direction and you’ll find the manuscript next to a ladder.

Coffee Thermos #39 – Climb up the ladder from the last manuscript page and drop down into the next area. You’ll find the thermos off to the right.

TV #7 – Inside the depot’s first warehouse, upper level.

Manuscript #43 – From the TV go through the door behind you and you’ll find the manuscript to your left on the balcony ledge.

Coffee Thermos #40 – After defeating the bulldozer, go past the security gate and check the sheds to the right.

Coffee Thermos #41 – Driving to the coal mine. Before you pass under a broken bridge you’ll pass by a broken sown white car in front of a some stacked logs Get out of the car and head to the right. You’ll find an odd looking chair facing the cliff side.

Radio #8 – Going down the road a bit more you’ll notice a replacement car next to a shack. The radio can be found inside.

Radio #9 – As you continue down the road again you’ll find the ranger watchtower. The radio is found inside.

Manuscript #44 – You’ll come to a red mill building down the road. Check the top level of this building for the manuscript.

Sign #7– At the coal mine entrance you’ll find the sign. You’ll also find another sign of to the right of it.

Coffee Thermos #42 – Head inside the mine and you’ll find the thermos tucked away in the corner.

Manuscript #45 – Next to the red building, to the right of the coal mine, you’ll find the manuscript on the boardwalk.

Coffee Thermos #43 – At the coal mine museum before you flip the switch, check the storage shelves.

Manuscript #46 – After exit the coal mining museum and dropping to the ground you’ll find the manuscript on the ground.

Coffee Thermos #44 – In the coal mine, disable power and enter the building past the electrified fence. Climb up the ladder and you’ll find a red comfy chair.

Manuscript #47 – In the same room you’ll find the manuscript sitting on a table.

Manuscript #48 – From that building drop into the pit past the boxcar wreck and battle some enemies. From the second stump on your left, take a left and you’ll find it sitting on a rock next to a tree.

Supply Chest #12 – Continue forward from the manuscript page. You’ll see a mine entrance to your left. Go inside to find the chest.

Coffee Thermos #45 – Exit the mine and go straight forward. You’ll find some stairs leading down to a safe zone. Off to the right you’ll see the thermos.

Coffee Thermos #46 – On the path you’ll come across a broken down red car. Head forward to the light generator. Go past it and continue forward to find a red barn. You’ll find the thermos inside.

Nightmare Manuscript #6 – Past the cemetery you enter a small ghost town. Before heading towards the bridge that connects the two sections of the ghost town, in between a mine cart and a shed, you’ll find the manuscript sitting on rock ledge along the cliff wall.

Manuscript #49 – Just before you cross the bridge you’ll find it sitting on a ledge to the right at the start of the bridge.

Sign #8 – After crossing the bridge the sign is to your right by the red building.

Nightmare Manuscript #7 – Go down the path a little more until you find a red shed surrounded by a picket fence. You’ll find it inside.

Episode 3 (Part 2)

Coffee Thermos #47 – Directly opposite is another red shed. You’ll find the thermos inside.

Coffee Thermos #48 – At the end of the ghost town and past the train engine. Check behind the shack with the objective key.

TV #8 – Ghost town exit shack. You’ll get this one automatically.

Supply Chest #13 – Once you climb up a ladder and make your way a short ways down the path Wake is texted by the kidnapper. Around the time you see some glowing arrows on the left cliffside road to the chest.

Manuscript #50 – In the mine, take the left fork. Around the time of the Alice vision and before reaching the water, the item should be on your right.

Manuscript #51 – After the cutscene of the boulders falling and blocking you way the manuscript will be to your left.

Coffee Thermos #49 – After you defeat the enemy hulk at the mine collapse event, and exit the boss arena the thermos will be to your left.

Manuscript #52 – Upon exiting the mine, climb up the stairs and check out the look-out tower and climb up the ladder.

Can Pyramid #6 – Check the endstation of the destroyed trolley to Mirror Peak. The cans are on the railing.

Sign #9 – After the trolley ride to Mirror Peak, you will encounter a sign for Cauldron Lake just after a safe zone.

Coffee Thermos #50 – On the other side of the rope bridge turn left. Check behind the large rock.

Supply Chest #14 – From the thermos stick to the left cliff side.

Manuscript #53 – Continue down the path and you find the manuscript on a boulder to your right.

Coffee Thermos #51 – In the mountain ruins’ yard; go in, fight the ambush, and remember to head back outside and around the right side of the building.

Manuscript #54 – After passing the ruins, item is on the stairs leading down to cauldron lake.

Episode 4

Sign #10 – The sundial outside the psychiatric retreat.

Coffee Thermos #52 – After stopping by Hartman’s retreat’s vista, you enter the commons; check the front desk for the thermos.

Sign #11 – From where you pickup the thermos there is a poster behind you.

Sign #12 – Follow Hartman past the commons area and into a hallway that leads to a small dining area. There is a readable signboard across from the room Hartman enters.

Manuscript #55 – You’ll automatically get this during a cutscene with the brothers.

TV #9 – After being instructed to go back to Wake’s room in the retreat the TV in the commons area will turn on automatically.

Coffee Thermos #53 – To the right of where the TV is you find the thermos on the walkway.

Manuscript #56 – After the disturbance at the retreat, check the top of the stairs of the commons’ upper level.

Manuscript #57 – After unlocking the door to head to Hartman’s office, enter the first room on the left.

Coffee Thermos #54 – In the locked storage room across from Hartman’s office, where Barry is locked up in.

Manuscript #58 – After rescuing Barry in the storage closet, open the locked door and you’ll automatically get it.

Manuscript #59 – While escaping the clinic, check the TV room after getting the flare.

Sign #13 – Front yard of the psych retreat. Check the statue’s base plate.

Coffee Thermos #55 – Go behind the statue and go up the steps. Go left and you’ll find the thermos beside the plant.

Manuscript #60 – The tree in the small square in the maze.

Manuscript #61 – Go forward past the tree and find the small courtyard. Take a left and you’ll find he manuscript on a bench.

Coffee Thermos #56 – At the gazebo with the boss in the hedge maze.

Manuscript #62 – Go to the next light zone next to the exit it gate. Check inside the shed nearby.

Manuscript #63 – In the trellis area of the hedge maze, pass through the first trellis section and check the top of the stairs before the next safe zone in the second trellis section.

Can Pyramid #7 – After picking up the manuscript look behind you on the ledge.

Supply Chest #15 – Next to the safe zone there’s a break in the wall. Follow the cliff road to the chest.

Coffee Thermos #57– Go through to the next safe zone and the thermos should be in front of you.

Manuscript #64 – Turn to your left from picking up the thermos and head up the stairs.

Manuscript #65 – After the car-crash, you follow some train tracks to rendezvous with Barry. When one of the tree falls turn left and follow the tracks to a dead end.

Coffee Thermos #58– Follow the tracks in the opposite direction of where you found the manuscript and go to another dead end.

Manuscript #66 – When you’re in an area where you need to activate a temporary light pole to zap the gate, head up the nearby wooden stairs where you’ll find the manuscript by the generator.

Coffee Thermos #59 – After the car through farm cutscene head to the campsite where you’ll find the thermos.

Manuscript #67 – Past the campsite with the heavy duty flashlight, you will zap a dark gate. Stay on the path with the light source. The item is spawned in plain sight and lands on a rock to the path’s side.

Manuscript #68 – Past the bear traps after the campsite, you’ll approach a light pole that will extinguish as Wake gets near. The manuscript is just before the generator where the rubble is.

Coffee Thermos #60 – Do into the ruins nearby and the thermos is sitting in one of the window sills.

Coffee Thermos #61 – In the cabin’s kitchen where the blue vehicle is parked.

TV #10 – After grabbing the revolver. go into the other room and the TV will automatically turn on.

Supply Chest #16 – After going through the broken window go to the right where you’ll find the cellar. Inside you’ll find the chest.

Manuscript #69 – Go to the back porch of the cabin with the blue vehicle. You’ll find it on the carpet.

Coffee Thermos #62 – Drive down the road till you see a tractor on the side of the road. Get out and you’ll see the thermos beside the tractor.

Coffee Thermos #63 – Continue driving down the road. When you approach an open field with trees chopped down get out and find another old tractor.

Supply Chest #17– In the same area, just a bit further up, there is a farm house. Inside you’ll find the chest.

Radio #10– Get back on the road and follow it until you find a watchtower on your right, Go inside to find the radio.

Supply Chest #18 – Pass by the possessed crane into the farmland. Go straight past the windmill and into the first farmhouse you see.

Nightmare Manuscript #8 – From the farmhouse exit through the door facing an old truck. Go to the right and find a outhouse.

Coffee Thermos #64 – Before getting to the stage you’ll see seating stands to your left. Find the thermos there.

Coffee Thermos #65 -Under the light next to Barry.

Manuscript #70 – After the stage battle you can find the manuscript behind the stage.

Manuscript #71 – Once you find the cut out head to the corner of the farm opposite. There you’ll find a wagon with a manuscript on it.

TV #11 – Go back to the Andersons’ barn and head inside. It’ll be on your right on a shelf.

Coffee Thermos #66 – To the right, behind the stairs, you find the thermos on a table.

Manuscript #72 – Now go up the stairs to find the manuscript.

Sign 14 – On the same floor go past the boat and towards the other side of the barn.

Can Pyramid #8 – Past the Anderson barn, but before assisting Barry in the milking room. The can is on a large wooden spool next to the silo with the red chair.

Coffee Thermos #67 – In the milking building go through the right door and head to the second floor.

Radio #11 – Head to the third floor and climb the ladder.

Coffee Thermos #68 – Head into the Anderson house. There will be a door on your right the moment you get into the house.

Coffee Thermos #69– Go into the kitchen of the Anderson house.

Manuscript #73 – Head upstairs and you’ll find the manuscript on the second floor landing.

Episode 5

Manuscript #74 – In the jail, next to the other page.

Manuscript #75 – In the police station jail. Two in the same spot.

Coffee Thermos #70 – Police station reception.

Coffee Thermos #71 – Right after hacking the gate of the police station, you will be at a T-intersection. Head to the right where the small building is with the arrow on it.

Supply Chest #19 – Head towards the building that says ‘Fresh Seafood & Shrimp’. Go up the stairs on the left side of the building.

Supply Chest #20 – From where you picked up the thermos head right down to where the blue storage container is. Behind it is where the chest is.

Coffee Thermos #72 – In Bright’s Diner, check behind the service counter for the Thermos.

Manuscript #76 – In the same place check the bathroom hallway.

Can Pyramid #9 – Go to the street with the banner for Deerfest. Then go to the right where the food van is. The can’s are sitting on top of the van.

Coffee Thermos #73 – Heading down the same road, go all the way down to the dead end where you’ll see the thermos in front of a portable toilet.

Coffee Thermos #74 – After Sara unlocks the wooden gate, go through and check the picnic tent to the left.

TV #12 – In the Town Hall check the second floor.

Supply Chest #21 – On the same floor, head left of the TV and go through the door.

Manuscript #77 – Go back down the stairs and go to the room on the other side. You’ll find the manuscript laying next the the podium.

Coffee Thermos #75 – Go into the next room from there and go through the door. Go to the room opposite of the one you just came out of.

Sign #15 – While escort Sara to the Town Hall you’ll enter a park. Check the Minutemen statue in the park.

Coffee Thermos #76 – When you enter the bookstore check the display window.

Sign #16 – In the same store, read the note on the wall near the reading table.

Manuscript #78 – Also in the bookstore check cashier counter.

Supply Chest #22 – Upon exiting the bookstore, turn left and check the toolshed overlooking the street.

Coffee Thermos #77 – Head into the playground and find the thermos next to the sand pit.

Sign #17 – The sign at the front of the church.

Manuscript #79 – Head to the right of the sign where the yellow van is. Tha mnauscript is in the back.

Manuscript #80 – Inside the church, check the pulpit (lectern).

Coffee Thermos #78 – Upon entering the crypt, turn 90 degrees at the bottom of the stairs and then go straight. The thermos is in that corner of the cellar.

Manuscript #81 – After regrouping with Barry behind the church, head up the trail. You’ll find a picnic table the the manuscript on it.

Coffee Thermos #79 – At the helipad base go to the left of the helicopter and check the wood bench.

Coffee Thermos #80 – After the chopper crash, check the fence to the right.

Coffee Thermos #81 – In the warehouse with the enemy ambush, check the stack of concrete pipes.

Supply Chest #23 – Drop into the transformer yard and head left.

Manuscript #82 – Before entering the electrified maze, go to the left to find the manuscript.

Coffee Thermos #82– From there head forward and head into the maze. Go all the way around until you go down a couple of steps. Head right and you’ll see the thermos on some pallets.

Manuscript #83 – Head past the stairs you just came from and head around to. the blue mechanical scaffold. Use it to head onto the roof and find a red chair at the top.

Sign #18 – Opposite side of the road where you can control the bridge.

Coffee Thermos #83 – Check around the side of the bridge control booth.

Nightmare Manuscript #9 – Before crossing the turn-table bridge, check the roadblock where a schoolbus and a smoke sedan are.

Coffee Thermos #84 – Cross the river using the turn-table bridge and check the control booth on the opposite bank.

TV #13 – In the same room across from the thermos.

Supply Chest #24 – After the friendly chopper is chased off by birds, follow the cliff along the river. The chest is to the side of the building.

Coffee Thermos #85– Reach the power plant’s rear parking area, then check the control booth to the left.

Sign #19– To the side of the large metal door entrance is a yellow sign.

Coffee Thermos #86 – After the cutscene head to the room on the left. You’ll find it on the floor next to the coffee machine.

Nightmare Manuscript #10 – After meeting Weaver to open the gate and go around to the left. You’ll come to a dead end and you’ll find the manuscript on a rock.

Sign #20– The yellow sign next to the three panels that control the floodgates to the plant’s master kill-switch.

Can Pyramid #10 – The cans are near the kill-switch.

Manuscript #84 – After a cutscene of Wake falling (again) drop down and you’ll see the manuscript to your left.

Nightmare Manuscript #11 – As you’re fighting birds and making your way to the crash site you’ll see a rock and a dead tree before the safe zone. Just off to the side of that is a tree bridge. The manuscript is on there.

Supply Chest #25 – Regroup with Sara and Barry at the cabin past the crash site. To the cabin’s side is a trail leading to this supply chest.

Coffee Thermos #87 – After passing the first safe zone at the top of the trail, there is a giant water pipe section (lying on the grass). The thermos is in there.

Coffee Thermos #88 – After the lift to the dam’s top stops, get out and go to the right. You’ll find it on the cliff edge behind the dumpster.

Sign #21 – This sign is next to the switch Wake operates to separate himself from his friends.

Manuscript #85 – After battling three haunted cable spools you’ll come across a broken fence. The manuscript is behind there.

Coffee Thermos #89 – During the chase sceen on the bridge you’ll go down a spiral staircase. At the bottom is a shelf with the thermos on it.

Episode 6

TV #14 – You’ll automatically get this after listening to Barry’s message and turning on the TV.

Coffee Thermos #90 – After the flashback is over, the thermos is on a picnic table where Wake starts off on the rest area.

Sign #22 – At the first rest stop after the initial area. The sign is near the camper van.

Supply Chest #26 – Drive the vehicle to the logging area. Follow the foot trail off road to the chest.

Coffee Thermos #91 – Go past the logging area entrance and look for a barn on the left side of the road. Stop the car there and check around the side of the barn.

Script 86 – Once it returns back to night night check the middle of the road before reaching the replacement vehicle.

Can Pyramid #11 – Drive to the hotel Agent Nightengale was staying at. At the beginning of the parking lot you’ll see the cans on the stone wall.

Nightmare Manuscript #12 – Go to the motel’s reception area. To the right the manuscript will be on the sofa.

Sign #23 – Over from the left of that page there is a sign between the to doorways.

Coffee Thermos #92 – The bathroom to the right of the sign will contain the thermos.

Nightmare Manuscript #13 – In the zone where you encounter the possessed pick-up truck, there is a safe zone in a barn with a spare vehicle. Check that barn’s upper level for the manuscript.

Coffee Thermos #93 – Use the new car and go to the left as you exit the barn. You’ll find another barn with the thermos on top of the steps.

Manuscript #87 – At the end of the tunnel to Cauldron Lake in front of the truck.

Manuscript #88 – Before entering the scrapyard, but after the tunnel gauntlet, drive past the flimsy work barriers on the highway. You’ll find a tunnel roadblock not far away with the manuscript on the truck.

Sign #24 – Near the scrapyard’s entrance you’ll have to check the fence for the sign.

Supply Chest #27– Drive up to the first building you see in the scrapyard. Go through the left side of the building.

Sign #25 – On the metal door of the first building.

Coffee Thermos #94 – Go inside and you’ll find the thermos on one of the shelves across from the stairs.

Nightmare Manuscript #14 – Go up the stairs and you’ll find the manuscript on a desk to your right.

Can Pyramid #12 – Go through the door behind you from where you picked up the last manuscript. The cans will bee sitting on the balcony.

Coffee Thermos #95 – Before you cross over on the ramp, stop and check the planks on the right.

Manuscript #89 – Do over the ramp over into the scrapyard. Head to the right and head over another ramp. Then head over to the right where there are some red crates. The manuscript will be on a broken oven.

Supply Chest #28 – Past the scrapyard, you will reach a T-intersection with a shack, a broken bridge, and a sawmill of sorts to the objective. Check the shack for the chest.

Coffee Thermos #96 -Once you have a flashback and the water tank cutscenes occur you’ll want to go the the second cabin on your right to get the thermos.

Manuscript #90 – At the unfinished building at the end of the cabins you past you’ll need to push a cart. Inside you’ll find the manuscript.

Supply Chest #29 – Ride the mine cart past the birds to the end of the track. Instead of climbing the ladder run past it and also the safe zone. The chest is down the hill.

Coffee Thermos #97 – Go back and climb up the ladder. You’ll see the thermos to your left before you continue on.

Coffee Thermos #98 – In the woods you will find a train boxcar just as the boat falls from the sky. Climb in the train car to get the thermos.

Supply Chest #30 – Past a safe zone, near the short log towers, is a half-completed cabin near a flaming can and a car wreck. The chest is inside the building.

Coffee Thermos #99 – In the same building, head upstairs and then jump out of the opening. You’ll see a rusty tower off to your left. Head behind it to the corner of the fence to get the thermos.

Nightmare Manuscript #15 – Head from where you picked up the thermos to the right. You’ll head past a generator which you’ll need to check the back of the fence of.

Manuscript 91 – After riding the small lift in the windmill yard to the upper level this item is right in front of one of the exits.

Coffee Thermos #100 – In the dreamscape lake, fry the word ‘thermos’ near the sofa for this item

Special 1: The Signal

Alarm Clock #1 – After retrieving your flashlight and gun from the restroom, head back to the diner’s front door and then head into the kitchen. You can follow the sound of the clock to find it.

Cardboard Standee #1 – When you leave the tool store go right and through to the side of the building.

Cardboard Standee #2 – Once you jump over the fence, head left along the ruined street and past some floating words to find the standee ahead of you.

Alarm Clock #2 – At the playground find a bench with a fallen tree on it.

Cardboard Standee #3 – At the church, once you get inside, look to your left.

Alarm Clock #3 – At the area with the furnaces head from the broken stair case and go around to the furnaces and keep to the wall from the start area. Once you reach a dead end the word ‘climb’ should be on your left and an arm chair on you right. The clock is on the chair.

Alarm Clock #4 – Meet with Barry and then get to a TV on a red armchair. Follow the path right from there until you find an abandoned train car near some tracks. Look for one that is on the right side of a track, with its front corner exposed. The clock rests in that corner.

Alarm Clock #5 – When you reach the Safe Haven on the far side of that forest area, leave it and go right. You’ll see a circus tent with red and white vertical stripes. Activate the word ‘turret’ nearby, then use it to clear the words blocking the tent.. Once done go inside and the clock will be resting on some crates.

Cardboard Standee #4 – Just past the Safe Haven, shine a light on the word ‘turret’ then use it to light up the words ‘bridge’. Various objects drop from the sky but you’ll just need to go through the first one It has a gap along the floor which you’ll need to drop through.

Alarm Clock #6 – Once you reach the area filled with power poles, head right around the fence. Then proceed left while avoiding enemies. Near the back left corner of this area, there is a dead-end with fences on either side with a space between them. The clock rests at the end, near a rock wall.

Cardboard Standee #5 – From that place you’ll continue forward until you arrive at another Safe Haven. Continue just past it and go to the right to find another standee.

Alarm Clock #7 – Ascend along the crane and drop into a wide-open area with ‘wheels’ words placed along the edges. From the barn follow the right wall and piles of log until you find an alarm clock at the base of one of the pile of logs.

Alarm Clock #8 – Proceed through a trap scenario and shine a light on the word ‘climb’ to reach a higher level. From the top of the ladder, head left and around the palette of wood beams. Follow the dock to its end to find an alarm clock.

Alarm Clock #9 – From the dock head forward and get your way through the maze. You’ll eventually get to a table and two chairs in front of a cabin. Off to the left next to the fence, you’ll find a clock.

Cardboard Standee #6 – Soon you’ll drop down into an area with a crane, along with the words ‘memory’ and ‘bridge’. Head to the right where the second word ‘bridge’ and truck is. Head down the alley to find the standee.

Alarm Clock #10 – You’ll eventually get to an enclosed room where Alan and Alice are talking and trying to take promotional photos. Head to the door behind them and make your way to the next room. Get to the hallway with the light at the end and go to the first room on your right.

Special 2: The Writer

Video Game #1 – Just after you get the shotgun near the edge of the hedge maze, enter the maze. Go right then follow the path winding its way to the left to reach a dead end with the video game resting against an easel.

Video Game #2 – Enter the cabin with the two bears by its entrance. Behind the centre piece you find it on the floor resting against it.

Video Game #3 – From where you found the last one head to the door on the left at the back. Head down the stairs and continue forward to the gate at the end. Find the game resting on a trash can.

Video Game #4 – While heading along a platform you’ll have to light up the word “cabin”. Enter it and then quickly jump back to the ledge. The cabin starts slowly rotating. Wait til it turns nearly fully around and the roof above the door is level with you (you’ll see the collectable pass you). Jump onto it and run across. Grab the game along the way before leaping to the next ledge.

Video Game #5 – At the gas station, after you are able to exit the building head to your right and past the Deer Fest truck. Beyond that you’ll find a mattress and the game is resting on it.

Video Game #6 – After powering up and moving the log lift, head to the bridge in front of the gas station and cross it. Pass the log truck, then turn right and wrap around it so that you are headed back the way you came. You will see the game ahead of you, next to the truck.

Video Game #7 – At some point you’ll be able to descend along a tree trunk to reach the ground. As you do, continue forward and head through the path, left of the word ‘tool’ and you’ll eventually find the game on the ground.

Video Game #8 – (This will also tie into the ‘Go Gentle into the Good Light achievement) After listening to a therapy session, head along the lamp-lit stone corridor to arrive on a rock ledge. Ahead, there is a crashed plane with the word “tremor” above it. Climb to a useful vantage point and shine your light on the word to tilt the wing toward the rock ledge. Cross along the wing to reach the ground, and check at the plane’s tail end, where enemies lurk. You can hop inside the plane from that end to find a video game resting near the front.

Video Game #9 – Once you get to the Safe Point ahead of the lighthouse don’t enter the building immediately. Go around to the back of the lighthouse where you’ll find the game resting in a red armchair.

Video Game #10 – After a cutscene you’ll be facing the “Diver’s Isle” sign. Turn around and run uphill to the very top. There you’ll find the video game resting on a stump.

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