Airborne Kingdom How to prevent desertion

Airborne Kingdom How to prevent desertion 1 -
Airborne Kingdom How to prevent desertion 1 -

Welcome. This Airborne Kingdom How to prevent desertion Guide/

Workers are let go when they aren’t needed.

If all these criteria are met, a worker can leave your city.

  • He’s not one of the 9 workers you start the game with.
  • He arrived in your city at the least 12 in-game hour ago.

  • He is low or average happiness.
  • He does not have a job. Working as a city builder is a long-term job. Building construction and resource gathering aren’t. I will refer them as “volatile” jobs.


How to prevent desertion

  • Keep all employees happy and jubilant.
  • Keep employees busy in buildings. Avoid a significant unemployment rate.
  • Be prepared to reach milestones in your population. With their increasing satisfaction criteria, pa*sing a milestone can quickly bring your population to mediocre satisfaction, putting you at risk for a desertion wave.
  • If you aren’t convinced that you can rapidly increase or maintain satisfaction after pa*sing a milestone then you should consider building more buildings to reduce unemployment.
  • If you hit a milestone for the first time, there’s a grace period of 6 in-game hours, without depletion.
  • Brace yourself before finishing quests. Kingdoms typically give you five new workers once you finish a quest. Are you in a position to meet their requirements and quickly hire them? This will allow you to surpa*s the population threshold.
  • If you go on a building challenge and then build the sky port immediately, you will receive 10 new workers in a very short time. Is your city prepared for this?

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