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After the Collapse Cookbook Mod Guide 1 -
After the Collapse Cookbook Mod Guide 1 -

A collection of bugs and work-arounds for the engine that ATC runs on!


Hello! Thanks for reading my guide. This is what i decided to do since i enjoy making strange modding. A list of all the things i've done in modding. I'll keep updating this page as i go.
While not really a modding guide, I do add a section about how I made something work under each mod.
If i decided mass-release my items, ill link their spots next to mine.

The Basics

Assuming you are new to modding, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. I'm sure that if you go on the discord, someone there can help you a lot more.
This Guide assumes you are only modding data with little or no lua.
Tip: Everything everywhere is case sensitive. "Hello", "hello," and "hello," are different from the computer, etc.
You will need to go to the mods section to create a template (. This is just for data, but LUA for advanced modding. Then, in steam right click on the game and choose properties. Browse local files and locate the mods directory.

The Limits

This is a collection test and other such that can/will damage the engine.
-Why would anyone want to do this?
-We don't ask these questions around here.
Due to their inutility, very few of these tests will have a dedicated page for workshops.
One of my first mods was a little football nuke that would bring down the world.
Its AOE is increased from 3000 to 40000. It wipes the entire map and sometimes spawns additional late game mutant raids.
This is a simple mod, and i don’t even need to go into detail about how it was made!
[Will add additional later]

Why? !

A collection of mods that will help you pronounce this section's name!
[Cattle Humans!]
A mod that adds human beings that you can find or buy, but that works like cows ….. Yes the females are milkable, but the males are not.
Take your average cow code. Poor, innocent code!
We'll need the NPC and the race data folders. You can rename it to something CLOSE TO but still not exactly like humans.
You can rename your NPC file if you prefer it to be simple.
go to the dom_. Make it dom_cowhuman.
Change the name and description of any cow from human to cow
See the file called "BodyDataFile". yes, you'll take the body data for a civilized ("civilian"))
So now you have "BodyDataFile".
presto! You are now a cattle human! This is just one example of the many ways you can create even more animals by simply creating a new sprite.
[No example available yet, sorry]
"Law: death"
There are many ways you can do this, but the bottom line is to take a code for laws that can use a trait, whether it is hidden or not, then apply sickness: death
aka: "Colony-death any% speedrun"
[There's no reason to make this one public]
[More to come!]

The WIP Pit

This is where I keep track of the various concepts of mods that I'm working on.
Genex: This is my more real modification that will allow you to create mutants or boosters from mutagens around the globe by applying certain traits.
[More to follow, as the many ideas i have take some time. I want the first version out ASAP.]

The Findings and Madmen.

This is what most people are here for! This collection contains all my notes from various tests and such.
[All are welcome, post your findings in the comments and I'll credit you so it can be posted here!]
EsKa claims that it is possible to modify the sprite of an item based upon a trait. My mod geneX will use this system.
A discord user told me that JSON is available if you go to the bandit.
Find this:
"DisabledNeeds": [],
These can be removed and bandits will be dealt with. Bandits will need to be rescued and food, water, and healing will be provided. Bandits that are really desperate will flee.
After much testing, over 1 Gb of mods and many 5hr session mod sessions, I can conclude at least that it is possible to transfer items from one place to another (e.g. a factory line) without a lot of LUA. I believe the engine was not designed for this.
A crafting table can be made from anything! I made floor tiles crafting food. You can do whatever you like with this information. 😛
The same thing can be done with humans, or at the very least should be. Attach this to your document.
"FactoryFemale (<or male)":
"Automated": false,
"AllowMultipleUsers": false,
"CoolDownDuration": "1.00:00:00",
"RecipeList": []
[This list will continue to be updated as I go]
Made at 3am.


Written by Robotic Wizard

This is all for After the Collapse Cookbook Mod Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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