A Tale for Anna Puzzle Hints 16-20

A Tale for Anna Puzzle Hints 16-20 1 - steamsplay.com
A Tale for Anna Puzzle Hints 16-20 1 - steamsplay.com

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Join Anna on an amazing adventure to a magical world full of puzzles and fairytale characters!

Puzzles 16-20

16. King’s Portrait:
This puzzle is quite challenging. It starts with a random arrangement, and I had difficulty figuring out which pieces go where. I’m sure no sequence of moves could swap two tiles and put everything else back where it was. If you find yourself with all the tiles in their correct positions except for two, it’s a sign you have an unsolvable start position. This puzzle might be best avoided. This is the only one that I didn’t complete.

17. Jafar’s Cage (reflecting beams of light):

Most colors route very simply by bouncing off just one mirror.

18. Tail’s Cage:

This is not a puzzle. It’s a long and mindless search for suitable shapes. What advice am I going to give you? “When a spinner covers three shapes that have already been aligned, there’s no need to turn that spinner again”? “Do not drool on your own”? “Remember to breathe.”

19. Air Stones:

I began by putting the outermost stones in place. I then moved inward.

20. Underwater Lyre:

It’s not a puzzle and a simple game of guessing sequences. If you’re playing it right, seaweed thingies illuminate, but when you click a starfish out of order, they are dark.

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