A Tale for Anna Puzzle Hints 1-5

A Tale for Anna Puzzle Hints 1-5 1 - steamsplay.com
A Tale for Anna Puzzle Hints 1-5 1 - steamsplay.com

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to the A Tale for Anna Puzzle Hints 1-5 Guide!

Join Anna on an amazing adventure to a magical world full of puzzles and fairytale characters!

Puzzles 1-5

The puzzles will be presented in the order in which you complete them in. It would be difficult to arrange them in alphabetical order.

1. Trapdoor (ball in a maze):

You can find the route by going backward. Be aware that every move (except the final one) is completed with a wall, when you are tracing the path backward, you are always away from a wall.

2. Spellbook (4×4 wraparound slider puzzle).

It takes only 10 steps to solve the problem from the beginning position, but I have never figured out how to swap two pieces and put everything else back to the way it was. So if you find yourself with every piece where it is supposed to be, with only 2 parts missing, you might be better off pressing the reset button rather than trying to solve it from the current position.

Big hint:

It’s obvious which pieces belong in the corners, so you could, say, start by moving each corner tile up or down until it’s in the right row.

3. Panoptic Potion (pipe connecting puzzle):

Below, you will find two pieces of paper that show the pipes how to be arranged.

If the left piece is causing you problems, try intentionally swapping the two identical pieces. (Especially if those pieces are not lit up. A piece that’s in the correct position will be lit up, and the two identical pieces are regarded as distinct by the game.)

4. Fishnet (rings strings, rings):

You can only move the ring that is the highest on a stick. Since there are 9 rings and each stick can hold only 4, you can’t ever move any of the lower rings.

Intuitively speaking, the ring that should be in the middle of the center stick should be one with a lot of connections. The corners should have a few connections. In this case, intuition is right.

Big hint:

Although the solution has no strings crossing over, the rule is NOT that a string is red when it crosses another string. A string is white if its rings are in the right positions. It’s red when it’s not.

5. Hidden levers (blue, green, and red levers):

Moving all the pieces completely out of the way is unnecessary before you begin moving the lever. It’s a fairly simple puzzle in both ways.

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