3DMark The list of database unknown GPU and CPU

3DMark The list of database unknown GPU and CPU 1 - steamsplay.com
3DMark The list of database unknown GPU and CPU 1 - steamsplay.com

Graphics cards not currently included in 3DMark database:

NVIDIA GeForce / GeForce GTX / GeForce RTX / TITAN: GeForce 205, GeForce 305M, GT 705 OEM, GT 635 OEM, GTX 760 Ti OEM, GTX 1080 Ti 10GB, ROG MARS III GTX 680 SLI, RTX 3080 20GB, TITAN V CEO EDITION, GTX 1630

* ROG MARS III has only one demo card on display worldwide, presumably with the similar custom VBIOS as the MARS II GTX 580 SLI. I think this card can unlock the achievement because the custom VBIOS for MARS II will appear in 3DMark as “NVIDIA Dual GeForce GTX 580-Asus MARS II”, rather than “GeForce GTX 580”. I’m not very sure coz the ROG MARS will be recognized as “GTX 295”.

NVIDIA Quadro: Quadro M6000 24GB

NVIDIA Tesla: Tesla K20, Tesla K80

AMD Readon HD / RX / Specials: HD 2900 XTX, HD 2950 Pro, HD 2950 XTX, HD 6670, HD 8000 and HD 8000M Series, ROG ARES, ROG ARES II, ROG ARES III, RX 470D, RX 560D, RX 560 XT, RX 590 GME, AMD Nashira Summit, E6760

AMD Radeon Pro: Pro Duo (Polaris) 32GB, Pro Vega II Duo, Pro Vega 48, Pro SSG

CPUs that are RTL Edition, QS or very unique ES,but still unrecognizable:

Intel Celeron Dual-Core: E3500, E3900 (QLVM)

Intel Core 2 / Core 2 Quad: E6900 (QTOM), E8100, E8700, Q7100, Q7500, Q7600, Q9100, Q9200

Intel Pentium: G622, G693 (comes from the G622 with an Intel upgrade key, and the frequency is dramatically increased to 3.20GHz), G960, G6951, G6952 (The G6951 will be automatically written as G6952 after using Intel open core upgrade key,L3 cache +1MB,hyper-threading unlocked), E5900 (QLUT), E6000 (QLPP), 1403, 1403v2, 1405, 1405v2, 1407, 1601v2

Intel Core i3: i3-390M, i3-520, i3-2102T, i3-2115C, i3-2120T, i3-2153 (By using the upgrade key, the i3-2102 can increase the frequency of 500MHz and change its name to i3-2153), i3-2312M, i3-2330E, i3-2348M, i3-2357M, i3-2375M, i3-2321M, i3-2393M (The i3-2321M can be upgraded to the i3-2393M with a 400MHz increase in frequency and 1MB increase in L3 cache), i3-3115C, i3-3217UE, i3-3229Y, i3-4350, i3-5020U, i3-6006U, i3-6100E, i3-6100TE, i3-6102E, i3-6157U, i3-7100E, i3-7102E, i3-8100B, i3-8100H, i3-8121U, i3-8140U, i3-8145UE, i3-9100E, i3-9100TE, i3-9100HL, i3-9300T, i3-9320, i3-1000NG4, i3-10305, i3-11100HE, i3-1110G4, i3-1115G4E, i3-1115GRE, I3-1120G4, i3-1125G4, i3-L13G4.

Intel Core i5: i5-680, i5-740, i5-750S, i5-2405S, i5-2435M, i5-2537M, i5-2557M, i5-2560M, i5-3339Y, i5-3380M, i5-3439Y, i5-3475S, i5-4400E, i5-4670R, i5-5350H, i5-5575R, i5-5675R, i5-6276U, i5-6440EQ, i5-6585R, i5-6685R, i5-7Y54, i5-7267U, i5-7287U, i5-8200Y, i5-8257U, i5-8260U, i5-8305G, i5-8310Y, i5-8365UE, i5-8279U, i5-9500E, i5-9500TE, i5-1030NG7, i5-1035G1, i5-11320H, i5-1155G7, i5-L16G7.

Intel Core i7: i7-810 (Q2AP), i7-850 (Q2AL), i7-860S, i7-2617M, i7-2629M, i7-2637M, i7-2657M, i7-3517U, i7-3540M, i7-3555LE, i7-3687U, i7-3689Y, i7-4700EC, i7-4702EC, i7-4760HQ, i7-5675C (ES), i7-5700EQ, i7-5750HQ, i7-5850EQ, i7-6400T (Known QG8G, QH8F and QHQG L448, L449 cannot display specifications, other pending. It is known that at least one batch can be correctly identified and 3DMark does not recognize it, so the number may be small.), i7-6770HQ, i7-6785R, i7-6870HQ, i7-6822EQ, i7-8500Y, i7-8557U, i7-8559U, i7-8569U, i7-8665UE, i7-8670, i7-8670T, i7-9750HF, i7-9700E, i7-9700TE, i7-9850HE, i7-9850HL, i7-1060G7, i7-1068NG7, i7-11390H, i7-11700B, i7-1180G7, i7-1185G7E, i7-1185GRE, i7-11850HE, i7-12650HX

Intel Core i9: i9-10880H, i9-10910, i9-13900K, CC150. (Leave the CC150 here for the time being, it’s a kind of the i9-9900 anyway)

Intel Core Extreme: i5-7640K, i5-7660X, i7 X 995, i7-7740K, i7-7900X

* i5-7640K and i7-7740K are the QS phase written names of i5-7640X and i7-7740X respectively.

** i7-7900X is the QS written name of I9-7900X.

*** There is a lot of different opinions on the existence of the i7 Extreme X 995, which is a very special super flagship model. After my investigation, I can conclude that there are at least real ES and QS, but the S-Spec codes are unknown. Since the X 995 has never been seen in public, it is a*sumed that all samples have now been destroyed.

3DMark The list of database unknown GPU and CPU - English edition of the list - F10FF92

This image is taken from a short TechPowerUp article posted on April 5, 2011 by the publisher of the site’s employee hashtag (https://www.techpowerup.com/143504/intel-to-bid-farewell-to-lga1366-with-core-i7-995x-extreme-edition#comments) – [] . Mentioned at the end of the article “For now, a lucky few (read: “industry partners”) have access to engineering samples.”

Intel Xeon W, L, E and X: W3530, W3565, W5580, L3110, L3360, L3406, L3426, L5240, L5410, L5520, L5530, L5540, L7345, E3210, E5504, E5506, E5520, E5530, E5540, E5606, E5607, E5620, E5630, E5640, E5649, E7210, E7330, E7420, E7520, E7530, E7540, X3323, X3330, X3430, X3450, X3460, X3470, X3480, X3540, X3550, X5270, X5272, X5492, X5550, X5560, X5570, X5660, X5677, X5698, X7460, X7550, X7560.

Intel Xeon E3: E3-1220v5, E3-1225, E3-1225v5, E3-1225v6, E3-1226v3, E3-1230v6, E3-1235L v5, E3-1240L v5, E3-1240v6, E3-1250v5, E3-1260L v5, E3-1270L v4, E3-1270v6, E3-1276v3, E3-1280v5, E3-1280v6, E3-1283L v4, E3-1285L v2, E3-1285L v3, E3-1285L v4, E3-1285v3, E3-1285v4, E3-1285v6, E3-1290, E3-1505M v6, E3-1575M v5.

Intel Xeon E5: E5-1410, E5-1410v2, E5-1428L, E5-1428L v2, E5-1681v3, E5-1686v3, E5-1691v3, E5-2403, E5-2403v2, E5-2407, E5-2407v2, E5-2420, E5-2420v2, E5-2418L v2, E5-2428L v2, E5-2430L, E5-2430L v2, E5-2440, E5-2440,v2, E5-2448L, E5-2448L v2, E5-2449L, E5-2450v2, E5-2450L v2, E5-2470v2, E5-2608L v3, E5-2608L v4, E5-2622v3, E5-2628L v2, E5-2628L v3, E5-2628L v4, E5-2648L, E5-2648L v3, E5-2648L v4, E5-2650L, E5-2650L v2, E5-2650L v3, E5-2650L v4, E5-2651v2, E5-2658, E5-2658v4, E5-2666v3, E5-2666v4, E5-2669v2, E5-2673v2, E5-2675v3, E5-2676v3, E5-2679v2, E5-2679R v4, E5-2682v4, E5-2686v4, E5-2692v2, E5-2696v2, E5-2697R v4, E5-2698 (QC0M), E5-2698B v3, E5-2698R v4, E5-2699, E5-2699A v4, E5-2699C v4, E5-2699E v4, E5-2699P v4, E5-2699R v4, E5-4603, E5-4603v2, E5-4607, E5-4607v2, E5-4610, E5-4610v2, E5-4610v3, E5-4610v4, E5-4620, E5-4620v2, E5-4620v3, E5-4620v4, E5-4624L v2. E5-4627v2, E5-4627v3, E5-4627v4, E5-4640v2, E5-4640v3, E5-4640v4, E5-4650v2, E5-4660v2, E5-4660v3, E5-4660v4, Black Ops 4-Core, Black Ops 6-Core, JKT Everest SS.

Intel Xeon E7: The whole family except the E7-4830 V3.

Intel Xeon E- series: E-2104G, E-2134, E-2144G, E-2234, E-2226G, E-2226GE, E-2236, E-2276G, E-2278G, E-2278GE, E-2278GEL, E-2314, E-2324G, E-2334, E-2374G, E-2336, E-2356G, E-2386G, E-2378, E-2378G, E-2388G

Intel Xeon D- series: All but D-1540

AMD APU: A8 6500T, A8 7600T, A9 9820, A10 6700T, A10 7800T

AMD Duron: ALL

AMD Athlon: Athlon 64 FX-76, Athlon x2 5050e, Athlon x2 BE-2450, Athlon x4 530, Athlon x4 550, Athlon II x2 210e, Athlon II x2 245e, Athlon II x2 250e, Athlon II x2 B24, Athlon II x2 B26, Athlon II x3 415e, Athlon II x3 420e, Athlon II x4 600e, Athlon II x4 610e, Athlon II x4 615e, Athlon II x4 620e, Phenom II x6 1405T (The Athlon II X4 640T and 840T will display this after unlocking the hidden cores), Athlon 220GE, Athlon 240GE

AMD Phenom: Phenom x3 8250e, Phenom x3 8450e, Phenom II x2 B53, Phenom II x2 511, Phenom II x2 B55, Phenom II x2 521, Phenom II x2 B57, Phenom II x2 570, Phenom II x2 B59, Phenom II x2 B60, Phenom II x3 B73, Phenom II x3 B75, Phenom II x3 B77, Phenom II x4 B93, Phenom II x4 650T, Phenom II x4 B95, Phenom II x4 B97

AMD Black Edition: Phenom II 42 TWKR Black Edition

* No unidentified AMD Ryzen processors have been found, including the 4700S and 5800X3D.

** AMD Ryzen 5 1600/1600x 8-core 16-thread edition are still identified as “AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-core Processor” or” AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-core Processor”.

3DMark The list of database unknown GPU and CPU - English edition of the list - 05AB249

The eight-core Ryzen 5 1600 processor produced at the Malaysian factory in week 36 of 2017

AMD EPYC: 7Y43, 7282, 72F3, 7343, 7373X, 73F3, 7473X, 7542, 75F3, 7573X, 7601, 7663, 7T83, 7713, 7713P, 7773X

Written by Feng Min OvO

Here we come to an end for 3DMark The list of database unknown GPU and CPU hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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