太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu Character creation tips

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太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu Character creation tips 1 - steamsplay.com

This is a guide for Taiwu's new version. It will be focused on starting strong.
First, I will discuss the options available in the character creator menu. Then, I will talk about how to make a powerful character from the start. Finally, I will share some tips and tricks on how you can get ahead early to have an impactful start.

0 – Introduction

This is a guide for the new Taiwu version. It will be focused on starting strong. First, we will discuss the options in the character creator menu. Then, we will talk about how you can make a powerful character from the beginning. Finally, we will share some tips and tricks on how to get ahead early so that you have a strong start.
If you have any questions, I recommend you go to my " Translations & Gameplay Basics Guide".

I) Character creation tips

A) Birth month, region :
First, be aware of your character’s birth month and start region. The birth month provides a large elemental bonus. I strongly advise that you choose an element/month that is aligned with your sect.
Here are the elements of each month in the year:
1, 2 & wood
3 : Earth
4, 5, 5: Fire
6 : Earth
7, 8: metal
9 : Earth
10, 11 : Water
12 : Earth
B) Standpoint: I strongly recommend that you play either Kind or Even. Egoists, Rebel, and Just are all likely to create conflicts. These conflicts can be especially difficult for experienced players. You can't just insult/steal/attack everyone. You must choose actions that don't align with your viewpoint, and you will be in a bad mood most the time.
C) Heritage trees :
*The blue (tree) gives you stronger stats, (very valuable), and a big beauty bonus, (very very useful, and a childhood buddy (also convenient, as the friend will be of the opposite s*x, and have decent stats/talents. A good marriage/partner candidate). The two last options are being more resilient (, not that useful), or more longevity, (, not that helpful either)Y, but not that is not that useful)). The blue tree is strong overall, but the last boni are very weak.
*The yellow trees are bad. Picking anything is a bad idea. You could also get some additional resources, such as a horse or other goodies, but it's not worth it compared with blue/purple trees.
*The purple trees are also very beneficial. You can develop fine arts talents and be more proficient in learning books, martial art, and technical/fine arts. These two last abilities, being better at reading and technical/fine arts, will be very beneficial long term. There are a few options, but they aren't worth it. You could also get a bonus for inner arts+stunts+movement skills, or a t3 () random high-level technique of the nearby sect.
This decision usually boils down to one choice: do you want a specific high-level technique from (? You have the option to re-create characters until your choose one, but inner arts cannot be obtained). If you answer yes, then put 8 points into purple, and possibly 2 points blue for some stats. There is an alternative: you can have a stronger character and not need to search for a partner. However, it is possible to select mostly blue trees… but pick up enough purple to get both the technical and martial hereditary talents.
D). Game difficulty and parameters: I don’t see why you shouldn’t maximize your longevity. So I do. Normal fight difficulty will make it easy. It's almost "easy mode". All NPC's, friend and foe, receive a huge debuff. Most of these settings can be modified, with the exception of longevity and world population. The Taiwu skills can also be passed on to your heir when your character dies.
Let me tell you about the very beginning of this tutorial. This is when you first have a conversation with your father. If you answer (4 – (silence,)), your "Father", will suggest a long list martial arts to you, and will give a book or weapon for the one you choose. Although it looks pretty straightforward to not start nak*d, this is EXTREMELY DETERMINING. You will also receive a +50 permanant bonus to the relevant talent (, unless you are above 80 or 90. This represents your character's childhood training in that martial arts. Choose wisely!

II) Begin with a strong character

A The Imprinting system:
What is the best way to create a strong character, other than what has been said about heritage trees? There is a way to make strong characters. The first one can be done quickly but takes effort. The second one is for people who have played for a long time. It's a newgame+. Both are possible through "imprinting". You can " Imprint", a character that is " Devoted" in your party to you (max relationship. You can modify an existing "imprint" to create a new character in a game.
– The s*x and appearance of (male and female), their technical and martial talent, growth rate, birth elements, viewpoint, and name cannot be changed
– Age, heritage, and starting region can all be changed.
B) How do I get good imprints?
There are several methods to get good imprints.
– When in taiwu village, go to the ancestral hall and check every single villager for stats/talents/traits, and if some are good enough to your liking, recruit into party and imprint. It is possible to change your age. So a grandma who has good stats could be worth it
– In the final game, you will raise powerful heirs carrying on the Taiwu duties.
– A super strong, fast, and easy method to imprint your childhood friend from the blue heritage tree. This friend spawns with ONLY positive traits and has decent talents and stats. Just remake new game until you find one with really good positive traits (such as + to all stats, or +movespeed/attackspeed, etc…). You can then play for 36 months until your friend becomes an adult. It takes some effort, but it is well worth it.
C Stat-correcting for imprints:
The blue tree can be used to change heritage trees. This makes it especially potent as you already know your stats beforehand and can select the "stat legacy" for weak stats. This heritage aren’t a boost, but a replacement. If you have extra points or need the stat), it’s worth it.
Here's a great example of a childhood friend being imprinted and made into an entirely new character.
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu Character creation tips - II) Starting with a very strong character - 0169F7A

III. Early game strategies to get ahead

A) Tutorial, Hidden village :

There are 4 npcs located in Hidden Village. These are a boy, girl, and Aiu healer. The middle-aged man is). The section ends with the highest score for relationship. You go to village to buy a boat, then you leave map). After the village fires, the lowest mood person will be made a Xianghu (possessed).
You can recruit 2 of them by doing the below: be nice to the person that you like only / insult the one you want.
After all that is done, find the one you want. Don't click the exit button. Instead, turn around and fight the possessed person until they are low hp. Next, use item (on your portait to battle) “Fuyu Hilt”. This will make them normal again and they' ll join. If you have a childhood friend, you can add 3 companions to your party!
B – Infinite early farm
B) The Taiwu map will always spawn some random adventure. One that will always spawn quickly and not too far away from village is a "traitor", adventure with several deserters of the nearest sect. These are (blue) t6 enemies. It should be easy to do on regular (, but you should only attempt them if you have some gear/skills.
For any adventure, especially this one, you can click the spacebar (and the pause key) while adventuring. Ideally, click right before the final boss and then click " Leave Adventure". This will not stop the adventure from being spawned… and that's how to farm those enemies forever. They loot since they are t6
Good gear (Lots of t7 and t6) will gear you up to make money and get you out of debt.
– Good skills (t9 t8 and t7 t6… depending on their sect. This is a great thing to do.
– Great materials and medicine up to t5/t4
This can be done before opening your tutorial sword tomb one time and "dying", to give yourself an enormous head start before the invasion count (counter after which a boss attacks your village) even begins).
Even if you do it later because you are not in easy mode/normal, it can still prove very beneficial. After all, this will fully equip you, give you tons of medicine, and make you infinitely rich. This is a great way to bypass any difficulties in raising support for your sect.
You could also have infinite low-level farm adventures, such as beggar gathering and bandit village if your strength is insufficient to beat t6 opponents. However, the rewards would be less but
Your money, gear, and skills might be sufficient to defeat t6 enemies. Although this might take some time, it is the best strategy for tackling the most difficult difficulties.
C) :
(and more in the next days)


Written by Neyhoum

Here we come to an end for 太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu Character creation tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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