古剑奇谭三(Gujian3) Tips and Tricks for New Players

古剑奇谭三(Gujian3) – Tips and Tricks for New Players 2 - steamsplay.com
古剑奇谭三(Gujian3) – Tips and Tricks for New Players 2 - steamsplay.com

Beginner guide that includes combat, minigame, lotuscape, constellation skill builds, easily missable side quest, and more

General Tips

Gujian 3 has its flaws, but it’s a gorgeous game that deserves more attention and love. That said, there are tons of easily missable content or things that can cause frustration. I consider myself a pretty thorough player, and even then, I missed out quite a few things, and there are some things I wished I knew earlier in order to avoid wasting time. I’m writing a quick guide here in hopes that it helps those that come after me.
1. When you get Beiluo’s ability to scan, you might go around spamming it. The stuff you find are pretty minor and can be easily mass farmed later, and you can ignore it without losing too much value. You also don’t have to bother with fishing too much(unless you like it you mas*chi*t!), aim to just get fingerlings and just enough to meet pending side quests, as the lotuscape will drown you in fish later on.
2. The best attack combo for Beiluo in my personal opinion is 1 single light attack, followed by heavy attack spam, which will trigger the 360 spinning attack which is great for building combo. For faster bosses in higher difficulty, spamming light attacks is the safest.
3. You can load specific acts in the main menu. This is useful for when you get stuck fighting a boss and want to backtrack a bit to farm up.
4. Lost tales card game: When you mouse over the card, it will mention what cards it can combo with. Just pick out the cards that have the longest list to combo with (Generally human characters and a few swords are top picks). Try to keep 1 of each colour open for as long as you can unless something really good comes. You should win 90% of your games with these 2 tricks.


At one point in the game, you will unlock an area call lotuscape, which is sort of a farming sim. I really like the lotuscape and research system, and even the flying squirrel minigame. Out of all the info here, Item number 5 is the most important if you are OCD.
1. If you need money early in the game, plant herb seeds and sell deerhop/maidendew.
2. It’s probably not worth using a fey for farming. Use the relevant ones for fishing and the rest for exploring.
3. You can choose not to feed some of the fey and let them go to exhaustion in order to set up the optimized auto lineup. Otherwise, constantly setting your lineup manually to include the low-level newcomer you are trying to level can be a frustrating experience.
4. Exploration 1 – The lower the area on the list, the higher the exploration score requirement to avoid failure. Putting them in pairs will add up the exploration score and reduce chance of failure. Try to get 3 teams up and running asap, it should be ok to run 3 solo teams if you are exploring the locations at the top of the list.
5. Exploration 2 – It’s advisable to go for 45 mins run to avoid lotuscape burnout (Where you start to get frustrating because you keep going back to the lotuscape every 5 mins). Only go for 15 mins if you need something specific urgently. By extension, try to avoid constantly going back for fishing/mining if you can, and only go back and clear it all one shot when you get the triple notification that your treasure/exploration is done. Once you’ve reached about 100k in gold, you can also slow down on farming unless you need something specific.
6. Exploration 3 – Spam Qixia hills early to build up a huge stock of natural silk (as close to 99 as possible), since a lot of crafting needs it even in the late game. This also helps your fey to level up sufficiently before tackling harder locations.
7. Exploration 4 – There is a furniture call “Basket of rice” which can be obtained in south of Yanling/Detong wood. There is a side quest later that needs 5 of it, so it’s worth grinding it out early while building levels on your fey.
8. Exploration 5 – Aim to grind out at least the food recipes, or grind out the rest if you are a completionist.
9. Exploration 6 – I don’t believe its possible to obtain fey from exploration until you’ve defeated the respective bosses the first time. Don’t worry too much about not getting the feys you want, such as scissorhead. (I’ve never managed to get a single scissorhead till the end myself). The feys with high exploration will come as you progress, so just focus on what items you need.
10. Research 1 – Sometimes when you use a low-level craftsman, there will be a warning saying the research is likely to fail. You can just ignore it. As long as you pick the right choices, the research will succeed.
11. Research 2 – As far as I can tell, Team SP doesn’t do anything.
12. Research 3 – research is the best way to level up your craftsman to level 2. Prioritize on using level 1 craftsman as much as possible for support to level them up. You can also hold on crafting weapon/accessory skins to level future craftsman.
13. Research 4 – At one point, you will unlock the final tier craftsman (the level 2 craftsman will have skill level of ~95-98). If you are missing the herbalist, check Yangping clinic. The quest marker is hidden when in Yangping and only visible when you enter the clinic, and is easily missable.
14. Elementalism 1 – Be careful of the elementalism recipes. Despite the word “upgrade” in the name, it doesn’t actually upgrade, but downgrade other crystal types. For example, “upgrade sword crystal 3/4″ doesn’t actually give you a tier 3 or tier 4 sword crystal. It’s meant to convert tier 3 whip/bow crystal to a tier 2 sword crystal, similar to the deconstructing recipes. The purpose for this is to obtain low tier crystal for crafting.
15. Elementalism 2 – Fatal and throatcut gems are actually really good, and better than the attack gem for most of the game. 1x fatal gem alone gives 10% dps, 1x fatal + 1x throatcut gives 22% dps, and 2 fatal 1 throatcut gives 38.5% dps. Including the crab dish buff that gives crit, you can get a total of 72% dps with 2x fatal and 1x throatcut, which is absolutely bonkers. Going fatal and throatcut early also save tons of ingredients wasted from forging multiple tier attack gems.
16. Elementalism 3 – Check the lore for enemy stats every time you are in a new area and defeat new enemies. Having element crush gems on beiluo can allow you to breeze through the area such as Weishui Swordforge quickly. There is even a boss with elemental weakness, but I won’t spoil it since you won’t have access to the lore until after you beat it. I generally don’t bother with defensive element gems.
17. Flying Squirrel Mini Game – You can find it beside the hot spring across the bridge on the right of the area where you rest (require the mini hotspring to be build first). The missing shadowchaser in area 3 is hidden and require raising up all the lanterns to reveal.


This is just my own personal preference, any skill build is viable. Remember to switch up the relevant skill setting under the team menu (page down).
1. Beiluo’s – The most useful skills early game is rotating between upgraded stormgale and eaglehunt depending on whether you need heals or dps, and trying to hit 30 combo to trigger shieldbreak.
2. The Tonitrua skill tree is meant for crowd control, but it’s a little slow and pretty useless for bossing. There are times when a lot of mobs will spawn, but I’d rather spec for tough boss fights, so I didn’t bother with it. Instead, I use upgraded crossroads for crowd control, which also works reasonably well for bosses.
3. The OP build for Beiluo is shadowself + skyhold + terminus, which allows for stupid combos and damage.
4. I personally don’t like Beiluo’s shadowchaser mode that much, and so didn’t really up the flamesurge tree.
5. I honestly have no idea what spearhead/nostalgia/darktides/riverrun actually do.
6. Other than Beiluo, I prioritize disable skills>damage>defense for everyone else.
7. Yun’wuyue – The priority is hailstorm and later glacier. If you are equipping glacier, remove the upgrade point for hailstorm. Snowhide is pretty good as well if you can multitask and remember to trigger it.
8. Cen Ying – Cen Ying’s constellation is pretty much whether to greed or not. Brocade is pretty decent if you regularly bother to pick things up. Money is abundant enough to ignore skills like heritage/fortune. Scholarly for exp feels unnecessary as well unless you avoid battles most of the time. The priority skills are upgraded Growth and upgraded galestorm which is replaced by upgraded awakening later.
9. 4th member who shall remain anonymous to avoid spoilers – prioritize nighthawk and stardust over drumbeat/creation.

Side quest

1. Nameless Depth hidden note side quest – During the first time you are in the nameless depth, you will have a side quest to collect 4 notes. One of the notes can be found near the cut scene where your party stop to rest. If you move slightly forward, the path will be cut off and you won’t be able to go back and get it. If you did somehow miss this, you can go to the main menu and load the specific act just slightly before instead of restarting the game.
2. When you get access to Weishui Swordforge, check back to Skyelk for side quest. This is probably the most frustrating missable quest since most people won’t constantly head back to skyelk. The 2 side quest here are the “Homestead” questline and getting Cen Ying’s White Feather weapon skin.
3. Green Tung Side Quest – At one point in the main questline you will get Green Tung. You can use the item in your inventory to activate a side quest. Similarly, there is also a point in the main quest where you have to use the strange twig item in your inventory to proceed in the main quest.
4. Past side quest – There is a point where you will separate with Cen Ying who will go back to Yan Ling, and there’s some dialogue with Yun Wu Yue about trying to understand your past. When that happens, go to Qixia for a side quest.
5. Cen Qingyan (Cen Ying’s uncle) side quest – This side quest can be cleared in a place called Demonbone, which you will randomly get access to very late in the game, but is easily missed because there isn’t any good reason to revisit.
6. Lotus Chart side quest – There is a quest called lotus chart where it tells you to go to Nameless Depth, but when you go there, there isn’t any quest marker. Just walk forward along the path for a bit and a cut scene will trigger and indicate a quest marker.


I’ve only encountered 1 bug once near the end of the game where I couldn’t use food item for buffs. Restarting the game solved the issue.


If you hate the fishing mechanics of the game as much as I do, autohotkey can make it bearable.
GetKeyState, var, w, P
If var = U
Send {w}
sleep 10
*Repeat 3 more instances for A, S and D(replace with W). You can exit from the bottom right of windows when you are done.

Hope you enjoy the post for 古剑奇谭三(Gujian3) Tips and Tricks for New Players, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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